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L'équipe Spiruline !

A rich ecosystem engaged of men and women

HYES has known to regroup diverse competences and complementary profiles in order to respond to the wide variety of problematic. This combination allows the farm to operate consistently and sustainably. The brainstorming that takes place inside our team is very intense, thanks to the variety of age and experiences. This is a real wealth that we use to accomplish your projects.

HYES was created as a cooperative and participative enterprise, therefore the ones who work and contribute to the advancement of the company are also investors and are shareholders. Our multidisciplinary team has various skills: spirulina culture,  R&D aquaculture, renewable energy (methanation engineering) and also has solid competences with market launching and communication.

AKAL FOOD is the company dedicated to the commercial development with organic shops and through our website, as well as the creation of new products and their manufacturing. These two structures are symbiotically working on the “Ecodomaine du Bouquetot” www.akalfood.com.

ECOPYA is the association that federates the diverse activities on the Eco-domaine (country cottage activity with cabin in the woods, vermiculture, various training, sustainable garderning etc.) www.ecopya.org.




The Team

  • Laurent Lecesve - Spirulina Business holder

    Laurent Lecesve

    Arts and Craft Engineer specialised in renewable energy and spirulina culture, he was a precursor of thermal valorisation of the methanation process through to spirulina culture.


  • Caroline Daniau - Responsable Commercialisation Salons

    Caroline Daniau


  • Sébastien Esnault - Production and R&D Manager

    Sébastien Esnault

    Stirling and Caen University Graduated with aquaculture and costal biology Masters. Experienced in marine hatchery as well as on various scientific experiments in biotechnology (micro and macro algae).


  • Emilie Lecesve - Business holder and communication manager at Akal Food

    Emilie Lecesve

    News reporter health specialised, author of a book on this very subject.

  • Charles Auburtin - Directeur Commercial Akal Food

    Charles Auburtin


  • Jérôme Lemonnier - Responsable fabrication et logistique chez Akal Food

    Jérôme Lemonnier


  • Gilles Planchon - Consultant R&D, culture & formation

    Gilles Planchon

    Spirulina culture Pioneer. Scientific Searcher and instructor, integrated and organic spirulina culture specialised. He is author of many books in this field.


  • Jean Paul Jourdan - Consultant interne

    Jean Paul Jourdan

    International reference of spirulina and author of an unavoidable book « Cultivez votre spiruline »; «Culture your spirulina». Highly promoting – spirulina methanation system. He is also writing « Les petites nouvelles de la spiruline »; «spirulina short story».

High Yield Eco-System

Ethics & values for your spirulina activity

  • Spirulina Culture is an agricultural activity that self-finances.
  • Integer this professional field promoted by the Spirulina producers Federation of France.
  • Promote spirulina as an ingredient.
  • Be aware of spirulina life potential serving health.
  • Go towards an organic culture, inspired from natural lakes and ecosystems.
  • Promote win-win partnerships.
  • Give a realistic vision of spirulina culture with short term forecast.

HYES Genesis

  • 2003 : Laurent Lecesve meet the spirulina fan & lovers, realises its health benefits as an ingredient: « trying it, is adopting it !«
  • 2004-2007 : Projects and visits of methanation sites in Germany, Switzerland, India, and Africa.
  • 2007 : Visit of a french spirulina farm with Charles Auburtin ; the idea to combine methanation and spirulina germinated !
  • 2008 : commercialisation start with “spiruline solidaire”.
  • 2009 : SCOP HYES Creation and installation at the “Eco-domaine de Bouquetot” with the “Communauté de Communes Cœur Côte Fleurie” support.
  • 2010 : Spirulina pilot farm construction and initiation of the R&D program.
  • 2011 : Caen University Partnership to organically produce spirulina.
  • 2012 : 1st project of a spirulina farm developed through our research unit. Commercial developments of direct sales and with distributors
  • 2013 : we succeed to culture for the 1st time in France spirulina fed using co-products of biodigestion.
  • 2014 : Transformation of our pilot spirulina farm with the “organic like” way of culturing and launching of the spirulina farm with methanation (“GAEC du Cormier”).
  • 2015 : HYES is certified successfully by Ecocert for its culture mode 100% with inputs obtained on site.

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