Research unit

Spirubiose is a symbiosis between the biogas and the spirulina

The spirubiose process

How does it work ?

Spirulina is an agricultural production that needs:

  • Few water (only to compensate water evaporation)
  • No fertile lands are necessary
  • Few energy apart from the heating (only to insure the culture movement)
  • a small surface but generates a good yield (protein quantity/surface unit with an average farm surface of 500m2)

Spirulina is a fast grower, every day a third of the tank can be harvested. The final product of dry spirulina is obtained by the culture filtration, followed by compression of the wet filtrate (culture media removal), and a 6 to 8 hours stay in a drying room of which heat is coming from the methanation unit.

We prefer a low temperature drying process (around 40°C) in order to maintain the nutritional value of our final product.

Spirulina culture is still quite recent and for sure the technicality of the job are yet to be improved. Associating Spirulina unit to a methanation unit offers possibility yet not much exploited temperature wise, nutrients wise and culture tank design wise.

A Research & Development (R&D) farm

A pilote farm

Since 2010 our pilot farm is the centre of our R&D activities to produce a local and organic spirulina. The head office HYES is located in the Calvados department, more precisely in the “Pays d’Auge” at the “Ecodomaine du Bouquetot”.

The R&D Program aims at:

  • Produce spirulina with local fertilizers through a biodigestion process
  • Optimise the culture process and its follow up as well as the spirulina harvest process
  • Promote a living ecosystem in the tanks for a healthy, resilient and productive culture.

In order to ecologically culture spirulina knowing its needs in natural environment was the first step of our analysis.

In order to optimize the input gesture, Gilles Planchon has set up an integrated way of culturing spirulina. Hence we now offer trainings regarding these methods (see which training suits you best).

HYES has meticulously selectioned and isolated (through an in lab work) spirulina strains in order to guaranty quality and traceability.

We have partnerships with professionals and we are testing machine and tools (from the facilities to the harvest and processing machines) in order to optimise them (productivity and quality wise) so that it suits best the producers.

We are now working and soon realising ecological culture tanks of innovative shape and structure.

Our R&D activities have led us to realise numerous partnerships with three departments of Caen University as well as with Spiruline et Progrès and with the Spirulina Producers of France


Our achievements

Our pilot farm

Our first achievement is our own farm that we realised ourselves in the spring of 2010, and that we have been using since as a pilot farm. The applied research that has been led on the methanation origin fertilizer plus our commercial work have both been convincing which is why we are now extending our structures. We are located at the “Eco-domaine du Bouquetot” which is now the head office of the company.

Ferme de Bouquetot
Chemin des Broches
14950 Saint-Pierre-Azif

Mr Gilles Planchon’s farm

Roquette’s farm :
HYES is partnering the Roquette experimental farm in the Hérault department. This production site managed by Gilles himself is the head office of the association “Spiruline & Progrès”. This organization focuses on the R&D of an innovative, ecological and more sustainable Spirulina culture .


Our achievements for farmers:

Polycultural Milk producer

Methanation Unit– 250 kWe
1100 m² Spirulina tank surface

Polycultural Cattle Producer

Methanation Unit – 190 kWe
900 m² Spirulina tank surface


Polycultural Cattle Producer

Methanation Unit – 250 kWe
900 m² Spirulina tank surface

Pool of Polycultural Milk producers

Methanation Unit – 160 kWe
500 m² Spirulina tank surface


Polycultural Milk producer

Methanation Unit – 250 kWe
1 000 m² Spirulina tank surface


Farm producers Pool

Methanation Unit – 250 kWe
580 m² Spirulina tank surface


Our services

Beforehand Project Overview “Avant-Projet Sommaire” (APS) :  Thermal and Economical Study

The beforehand study allows to get the fundamental figures in order to get the economical feasibility of the project. This study takes in account the implantation of the project at the required location within its surrounding activities. This will be very helpful for administration procedures as for the endorsement of the banks.

Beforehand Project Detailed Study “Avant-Projet Détaillé” (APD) : Conception and implantation

An in depth study for the conception of your future Spirulina farm. Hence you will get all information regarding the technical and economical aspects optimised and suiting best your future production site. Our expertise will provide you with the best facilities, machines and tools that you’ll need to set up to have your farm up and running correctly.

Construction (Project manager)

“HyES Conseil” will help you select suppliers (earthwork, greenhouse, electricity…) as well as the dialogue with them. Besides, everything is flexible: you obviously have the entire decision to yourself and can chose to hire some companies of your network… We all act as guide to help in the realisation and selecting the required material to get you your ready built spirulina farm.


Personal Spirulina culture training

Our specialists will have you learning and practicing the real job of a Spirulina producer through all the steps (from the harvest until the dryer) to realise your on hands experiment. We think that the best you could do before starting your own farm is to dirty your hands a little. That will fill you in with the tips and good practices of Spirulina production and also help you realise the reality of the job.


Seeding the cultures

We’ll assist and advise you to start seeding your tanks in order for you to start good.


Culture follow up

We’ll assure a regular follow up and can also answer emergency in case something wrong happen to your tanks (Analysis and appraisal of the cultures).

Market launching

We know that the first years are a lot of work and that you won’t have time to take care about everything in details. Most likely you will focus on the technicity of the production. A possible option for you to secure the farm revenue is to secure your sales. HYES Conseil can offer you this possibility and guaranty you with a revenue through to bulk selling (a part or even the totality of the production can be considered).

Our services are numerous and therefore highly adaptable to suit your project. Each of the services can be chosen separately.

How long will this take?

We work meticulously and want to consider every single aspect in the conception and realisation of the project we are in charge of. In general 6 months will be necessary to realise study and blueprint, followed by 6 other months for the construction. Obviously these figures are just a general indication and aren’t contractual, it will depend about many factors (facilities size, difficulties encountered…) but in the best case scenario we can have a production site ready in a year.

Each step of the realisation of your project will be determined beforehand and its duration studied regarding your location conditions (weather, implantation constraints).